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mona: no emoji or πŸ’– or 🐱, she/her/it/its (maybe fae/faer?), cute snow leopard punk grl bitey gf, 5', usually fronts
sunshine (do not capitalize): πŸ’› or β˜€ zie/zir, 12' ripped shark jock gf, doesn't show up as much
nelke: πŸ₯€ or πŸ–€ they/them, completely genderless wolf deity, height is just generally sl ightly taller than you no matter what, lithe and quiet and edgy, generally doesn't message first.
chie: πŸ’• or 🐢 she/her/he/him, cute mood ring doggo boy who changes colors based on his mood and the moods of those around her, hair is kind of like. if youve ever seen chowder, it's that sort of effect, a really bad rainbow gradient from the Old internet style. puppy!!
tricksy AND glitch: πŸ’ž or 🍬 , pronouns??????? anything?????? glitch generally co-fronts! i dunno.

@nuttgodd @toilet you weren't a baby on 9/11 because we were forced to grow up that day.

almost done doing my little streak of posts, before i go hibernate for a while and then come back with more bad trash to post in a few days

thinkin bout BOYS [a montage of very small and cute lizards plays]

selling bricks on the street corner to unsuspecting kids, who do not realize that they are fake bricks.

hi @leonthotsky have you ever heard of pickle rick? it's form rick and mory, but he turned into a pickle! :) check it out on youtube

tagging all of my selfies with cognitohazard

im gay! and watching some got damng melee rn hbox vs wizzy is tense

life hack:if u find a container of peanut butter and open it, chances are, there will be free p[eanmut butter for the takingh!!

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im gay...... screaming in my brain! im gay too! but also brain scream. yknow

this queued post aged very poorly didnt it

hit or miss, my ass (i will not hit or miss)

the shrek 2 OST is great and all but it's just not even remotely as good as the shrek OST. it doesn't have amazing tracks like "i'm a believer", "hallelujah", and "all star". to be quite honest, i was actually disappointed with a lot of songs. shit like holding out for a hero when shrek tries rescuing fiona from prince charming just ended up sounding tacky, and didn't really create an atmosphere, just like most of the OST. that's honestly my biggest gripe with shrek 2.

has anyone consjdered making slack, but for the gamers?

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